Levvon Pastry is a pure vegetable pastry margarine, formulated to be more plastic so it is easy to use for chefs, but also to provide good structure to the pastry itself. Levvon Pastry margarine is formulated with specific oils to have more plasticity than regular margarine, so that when it's stretched and rolled in puff pastry or Danish dough at a variety of temperatures, it is less likely to break apart. Part of accomplishing this comes from a very high fat content -- often 80% or more. Regular margarine is often around 50% fat, has a lot of added water, and is formulated to be an inexpensive substitute for butter. (It used to be believed that margarine was also better for you than butter, but that has been disproved.) 


  • The Levvon Pastry margarine is for laminated dough such as croissants - Danish pastry - Puff pastry and all other laminated doughs..
  • The Levvon Pastry margarine is a pastry margarine which provide the laminated doughs with very which volume and gives a very crispy bite.
  • The Levvon pastry margarine provide the baked pastry with a very fine stratification.
  • The Levvon Pastry margarine is very easy to Handel in the laminated doughs.
  • The Levvon Pastry margarine contain 0 % of cholesterol - butter contains 228 milligram cholesterol per. 100 g. of butter.
  • The Levvon Pastry margarine contains <1% of TFA. - butter contains 3 - 6 % of TFA. (TFA = Trans fat acid).
  • The Levvon Pastry margarine contains 33 % of saturated fat - butter contanis 42 % saturated fat.
  • The Levvon pastry margarine contains 1 % salt, but we can make it with 0 % of salt if you wish that - salted butter contains normally 1,2 % of salt.

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