A challenge for the baking industry is to ensure consistent bread quality of the flour used. Flour correction enzymes like Levamylase are used in bread improvers/pre-mixes and for standardizing flour at the mill to compensate for the fluctuating flour quality. Levamylase is an  enzyme which helps correct a common flour deficiency and ensures consistent bread quality through the use of standardized flour. It provides increased loaf volume, improves the brown crust color of baked goods, and ensures a fine and uniform crumb structure.


The key benefits of using Levamylase are:

  •  Increased loaf volumes.
  •  More uniform bread crumb.
  •  Increased crust colour.
  •  Acceleration of proofing step.


Addition of Levamylase will ensure continuous production of poly-, oligo- and monosaccharides during leavening, resulting in a good, even structure of the bread crumb and high bread volume. Levamylase is inactivated in the oven before the starch gelatinises. This excludes any risk of excessive dextrinisation, which could otherwise lead to sticky crumb.


Application/process type Levamylase is recommended for flour correction for bread-making when the flour itself has a low content of alpha-amylase.


The optimum dosage of Levamylase can vary depending on flour quality, formulation and process, and should be determined through baking trials.Please contact us for advise.

Safety, handling and storage:

Levamylase can easily be mixed with flour or starch. Preparing a 1:10 pre-mix can facilitate its use. Levamylase is added to flour or water prior to mixing.

Safety, handling and storage guidelines are provided with all products.


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