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One of the main requirements for industrial bread production such as white pan bread, French baguette, and sandwich bread is improved freshness in order to meet consumers expectations. After years of researches, Levvon’s partners created LEVVON FRESH, an economic enzyme preparation for improved freshness of baked goods (e.g. bread, donuts, brioche) by improving crumb softness and creating a “freshly baked” mouth feel. It has demonstrated good performance in sweet baked goods such as donuts, muffins, sponge cakes and croissants to name but a few. Tests show that consumers were able to create an immediate gain in bakery freshness when Levvon-Fresh is integrated to their bakeries. So, what are you waiting for? Call us to grab your free sample and experience the best in the industry as of today: Levvon Fresh.


  • Improved customer appreciation & loyalty, leading to an increase in sales.
  • Increased market exposure with products that let you expand sales further.
  • Fewer stale returns.
  • Long-lasting softness and freshness.

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