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In line with our core business, and to meet the specific needs of bakers when working with weak dough, Levvon developed an excellent product called “Levvon Booster” to help bakers to reduce their lost. Levvon Booster creates an oxidative reaction with gluten to make weak doughs stronger, drier and more elastic. Levvon booster can be used as a stand alone bread improver for weak flour or as recommended by Levvon, use it as a supplement to your current bread improver. Regardless of how you will use it, Levvon Booster will make you save between 5-35% on your current cost. Call us for more details. With Levvon Booster, you are getting a better bread quality (better volume, better freshness, etc…). Contact us for a free sample to experience the best in savings.


  • Works well with weak flour.
  • Reduce bread improver cost by 5-30%
  • Improves the yeast resistance, reduces the loss of yeast activity.
  • Provides larger volume, better flavor and color for breads.
  • Works as supplement to any type of bread improver.

To get more details about this product, please click here.

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