Bread flour does not contain large amounts of protein (approx. between 10.5 – 13%) but it is very important for the bread making process. When flour is mixed with water, the gluten swells to form a continuous network of fine strands. This network forms the structure of bread dough and makes it elastic and extensible.

Our product range includes premium quality Wheat Gluten enzyme (Lev-Gluten). These are available to clients at budget-friendly market prices. The gluten replacement enzyme offered by us is economically priced and is available to clients worldwide at economical market prices. Lev-Gluten is mixed in the bread dough and is known for its unmatched quality. Lev-Gluten is known for its fresh quality and is available to clients in multiple sizes of packaging.


  • Works well with weak flour.
  • Reduce bread improver cost by 5-30%
  • Improves the yeast resistance, reduces the loss of yeast activity.
  • Provides larger volume, better flavor and color for breads.
  • Works as supplement to any type of bread improver.

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