A challenge for the baking industry is to ensure consistent bread quality of the flour used. Flour correction enzymes like Levamylase are used in bread improvers/pre-mixes and for standardizing flour at the mill to compensate…
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Bread flour does not contain large amounts of protein (approx. between 10.5 – 13%) but it is very important for the bread making process. When flour is mixed with water, the gluten swells to form…
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Levvon Bromaless

Levvon developped “Bromaless” as a chemical oxidant to replace the bromate. Bromaless is a baking mix enzymes, serving as a natural oxidizing system by cross-linking the protein network by creation of additional disulphur links. Breads…
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Levvon Booster

In line with our core business, and to meet the specific needs of bakers when working with weak dough, Levvon developed an excellent product called “Levvon Booster” to help bakers to reduce their lost. Levvon…
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Levvon Fresh

One of the main requirements for industrial bread production such as white pan bread, French baguette, and sandwich bread is improved freshness in order to meet consumers expectations. After years of researches, Levvon’s partners created…
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