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About Us


Strategically located in Houston, with manufacturing plants in Houston, China, and Central Africa, Levvon is the leader in the production of highly concentrated bread improvers, regular bread improvers, custom made bread improvers, soybean flour, wheat flour, baking powder, special enzymes, margarine and ascorbic acid. We are a worldwide well-known USA manufacturer with quality bakery ingredients produced with latest technology. Our products are successfully sold in Central Africa, USA, and Europe. Our goal is to expand our network considerably worldwide by bringing in new players.

Working closely with more than 5000 bakers, Levvon was able to manufacture and deliver a full array of bakery products. Levvon’s production line consists of qualitative products patented with the respective trademarks. Our product development approach is simple and straightforward. Furthermore, working with those bakers, we have achieved incredible results of performance (Product’s quality) and economy (Lowest price in the industry) by combining existing technologies into production technologies of bakeries products, including but not limited to bread improver. At the same time, we are creating a totally new era on bread improvers market called LC20, LC30, Nuevomix 30, Nuevomix 500 and SUPREM...just to name a few to help our customers save times and money while improving the quality of their bakery’s needs.


Our Culture

Like many of other companies, we are pursuing profit and market growth; The difference is that we also seek to improve the spirit of the enterprise and its employees. Therefore, every member of staff must go beyond the simple idea of making profits, but pay more attention to the public's use and sales of our products to customers. Waste to let the public benefit from our products, so that customers benefit from the operation and use of our products, and feel pride. Let others from our best, and enjoy the warmth and happiness of the work perfect, and each partner in mutual assistance and mutual benefits for consumers together to create wealth and provide better benefits to the growth and development of companies to win. Responsibility, integrity, with the win, dedication, innovation, and will enable us to become a better company, the company will assume more responsibilities in society, can make more contributions to the company.

Levvon’s mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations in Quality, Delivery, and Cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

Our Values

  • Innovation: We focus on innovative products and rely on strong execution to successfully deliver long-term value to our partners.
  • Vision:Our vision is to build a firm foundation worldwide. Future plans include expanding into new markets each year and becoming more uniform in vendor representation. Our current goals include solidifying our foundation and growing by introducing our bread improver products into new locations. Additionally, we are committed to protecting our environment and serving our communities.
  • Results:We deliver on commitments.
  • Integrity: We always tell the truth, act with the highest ethical standards and ensure that our products are of the highest quality.
  • Respect: We respect the histories of our partners and extend the same level of respect to their clients.
  • Quality: We provide products that are of the highest quality.


Levvon Llc

9203 Hwy 6 South 

Ste 124-202

Houston, TX 77083 USA

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